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Saving The Mother Earth: Programs on Creating Leader To Save Mother Earth

Wildlife conservation, climate change and other big issues facing the planet are key to saving the earth. Everyone can make a great difference in saving Mother Earth.

Scientists’ forecasts on extreme weather conditions seem to come true as greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise. The researchers warn of a “biological wildlife annihilation,” meaning that a sixth mass extinction that’s driven by humans is ongoing.

Air in cities increasingly becomes dangerous, fish stocks and ocean health continue to deteriorate, and groundwater is getting depleted or scarce. Furthermore, plastics entering oceans are almost out of control, and there’s ongoing destruction of natural habitats and forests.

These events are indicators of the ongoing human-driven sixth mass extinction of wildlife.

The scientists who focus on earth systems further warn that human impact on the earth continues to worsen, posing real existential danger on life.

There’s the risk of flipping out of the period of the goldilocks “Holocene” that’s typical of predictable warm weather, into a highly risky scenario of “hothouse earth.”

Here’re some programs on creating leaders to save the earth:


5 Programs On Creating Leader To Save Mother Earth

  • The Corcovado Foundation – Creating New Millennium Environmental Leaders

The Corcovado Foundation was established in 2003 as an environmental education program to create awareness and empower children. The foundation is a program with a focus on creating young environmental leaders local communities.

The foundation has empowered children to become tomorrow’s leaders of communities’ environmental, social and economic development, with the aim of leading and lowering climate change susceptibility.

The earth program offers children weekly events and activities geared towards creating leaders in environment protection to save the earth. Most of the kids who took part in the program almost two decades ago are now adults. The program has an outstanding impact on the environment.

Teens and children who engage in the program develop soft skills they grow up with, including leadership, self-respect, respect for others, and teamwork.

Children who’ve undergone the program are community leaders responsible for finding solutions to emerging challenges, with the aim of protecting their communities and the environment at large.

  • Eco-Leadership Programs

Eco-leadership programs attribute unsustainable human behavior to environmental crises, claiming that environmental problems don’t exist.

Environmental problems point to disruptions of ecosystems on earth that have been linked to human behavioral problems. However, studies reveal that this is a fundamental misconception.

Psychology makes it possible to comprehend the internal and external human behavior drivers responsible for unsustainable living. Individual psychologists make personal contributions to sustainable individual-level campaigns on behavior change.

However, attention shifting towards fostering and understanding individual roles in collaborative and collective actions aimed at modifying systems that include humans, atop being environmentally-damaging.

Transformational individuals or leaders who think and act outside the box inspire collective action and embrace ecological principles aimed at long-term environmental and human wellbeing.

In the developed world, facilitating sustainability leaders is dependent on a basic principle of renewing the connection between the natural world and humans.

  • The Global Climate Action Summit

The program is a global multi-stakeholder effort aimed at tapping into innovation and expertise of their collective networks, to reverse or slow down the most pressing environmental problems, and collectively define agendas.

Programs on creating leaders to save the earth usually join forces and even learn from each other. Most programs form into highly influential international platforms. They have clear time-to-goal targets to deliver real outcomes.

Program accelerators and large-scale aggregator partnerships help define the action agenda. They cover industry and people in important economies such as China and the U.S., including other major G20 nations.

The Action Summit of Global Climate includes innovative action collaborations that bring scientists, NGOs and governments together to save the earth. Other companies also fight environmental issues across important supply chains or specific locations.

The programs assist in shaping the companies running sustainable business model solutions. They eliminate companies seeking to make a profit from poor environmental practices.

  • Earth Leadership Program

Previously known as the Leopold Leadership Program, the Earth Leadership Program partners with Future Earth, a new partner and network of scientists worldwide. It involves innovators and researchers collaborating for the planet’s sustainability.

The leadership education program aims at scaling the effect of academic researchers worldwide. This helps solve various challenges regarding sustainability through internationalized leadership training and co-designing.

  • CoalitionWILD

The leadership program develops lasting youth leadership to save Mother Earth. The program allows you to lead and learn from other leaders.

The program has a network of 10,000+ people and still continues to grow. The connected community of young people is connected globally. Program members tackle the greatest conservation challenges on earth, both abroad and locally.

With over 7 years working experience, it delivers programs on initiatives for capacity-building and knowledge, including mentorship programs. They also build communities, support emerging leaders and deliver mentorship programs.

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