Saving The Planet

The issues facing the earth can seem difficult, but each person can do something to help. We don’t have to accept the fate of gloom and doom for the Earth. You can do plenty of things every day to help reduce greenhouse gases and reduce carbon footprint. Learn about the promising solutions that do exist for these challenges.

The challenge is not just to preserve the environment but to restore it. We support any campaign on a mission to support, protect, and nurture the environment. We also lead campaigns, provide resources and information, and drive real solutions.

Despite all the efforts, the overall state of our global environment has worsened. That’s why we are creating awareness of the need for increased development for renewable energy sources. We aim to provide science-based solutions to address evolving environmental pressures.

The former (period of predictable warm weather) allowed humans to thrive over the last 12,000 years while the latter was typical of uncontrolled feedback. The feedback was responsible for driving the warming up of weather, resulting in more storms and droughts.

Limited access to job opportunities, poverty, and lack of education have been linked to increased depletion of natural resources. Therefore, environmental education programs were created to inform and empower new generations as community leaders and environmental stewards.

Save The Earth

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Be An Earth Leader

Environmental awareness and economic development are important to attaining long-term solutions aimed at lowering vulnerability to climate change and protecting natural resources.

Communities continue to poach and mine gold despite their effects on the environment and due to lack of proper economical options. However, sustainable environmental education programs enable new generations to rethink natural resources, national parks and even their environments.

The programs are aimed at reducing susceptibility to climate change and protecting the natural environment. The programs create awareness and empower people to conserve the environment and protect the Mother Earth.

Many individual environmentalists began small scale activism programs and their actions made a great impact towards saving the planet. They range from Allison Boyer of Purses for Primates to Delaney Anne Reynolds of Sink or Swim Project.

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