Eco-School Networks


Eco-School Networks (ESNs) are composed of parents leading projects at separate elementary schools (K-5 level) within the same school district or community. Their shared goal is to introduce sustainable practices and raise eco-awareness within james_john_Vesna_students_2.JPGthe overall daily experience of a child at school. Parents in each network share a common skillset and experience in the Center's no-cost, four-session Eco-School Leadership Training.

The ESN structure was developed
by the Center in 2008 as a vehicle to train and provide ongoing support and resources for parents in local schools. Sister ESNs now exist in Portland, Beavertonand Corvallis.


How Involvement Works

Network parents exchange ideas, create a community of support, and collaborate when appropriate as an organization of parents working in their respective K-5 schools. ESN members are invited to (1) join the private info-sharing site for Eco-School Networks and (2) attend the annual overnight retreat. Impact spans three scales:

1. Individual parent at school

The Eco-School parent leads earth-minded projects at her elementary school. Examples:

  • Green School certification
  • School yard garden
  • Earth Day activities
  • Durable forks in cafeteria
  • Party packs for each classroom
  • Student nature club or green team
  • Food scrap composting
  • Milk carton recycling
  • No-Idling campaign
  • Walk and bike to school trains
  • Book or costume exchange

2. Peer-to-peer network

Each ESN has a closely knit community of parents who share resources and motivate each other. ESNs traditionally organize events that inspire, educate, and promote collaboration. There is also a members-only online space that allows members to ask questions, post events, and share files.

3. District-wide initiatives

Some ESNs choose to tackle district-wide projects, such as the Portland ESN's succesful campaign to petition Portland Public Schools to switch from Styrofoam to washable trays in school cafeterias.

Why We Do This

The Eco-School Network has grown to be the most vibrant project of the Center. Within our mission to forge citizen leadership to a sustainable future, we see no more salient location for the leadership than in the schools where our children learn daily norms to guide them throughout their lives.

 How to Join:
For information on how to join an existing network or create a new network, visit our website, or
contact our Eco-School Coordinator: or 503-227-2315.

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If you are already an Eco-School Network member, you may register for the member portal to access shared documents and an online forum on our new website.

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