Registration OPEN for Spring Agent of Change Course!

The Center for Earth Leadership trains and empowers Northwest citizens to assume a leadership role in forging a sustainable culture.

Center programs release the immense potential of a citizen
participant to assume an expanded leadership role in daily life by (1) being an intentional agent of change, (2) reducing personal impact on Earth, and/or (3) becoming an assertive advocate for Earth. 

Three strategies guide program development:

  • Train citizens to assume a leadership role within a local circle of influence where the visible impact of their efforts can be felt and provide continuing support through an active agent-of-change network. Example: Train employees who form workplace green teams that implement waste and energy reduction strategies.

  • Target identifiable groups and disciplines where Earth leadership is underdeveloped. Example: Create Oregon Lawyers for a Sustainable Future to move Oregon into a national leadership role in advancing sustainability within the American legal profession.

  • Package information and tools for use by motivated individuals and autonomous groups. Example: Transport model for Eco-School Network, developed by the Center in Portland, for use within clusters of elementary schools.